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Jenenne Macklin is a Transformational Speaker, Trainer, Intuitive Business Consultant.  

Moving her clients through the three steps she used to create her six figure business Jenenne teaches them to create their breathtaking future, get paid, get results, and get happy in their relationship. 

Working with women entrepreneurs is her calling.  Working with purpose driven, high achieving entrepreneurs,  CEO’s, and business owners is her passion.  Jenenne is a catalyst by teaching proven, because they work, strategies for conscious mindset shifts to alter the trajectory of the future in their personal and business life for results and success.

Whether more money, more love, more business, or living an awe-inspiring lifestyle, Jenenne inspires her clients, some who are even celebrities, and women to step into write my essays their greatness and say “yes” to success.

Life is energy.  Money is energy. You are energy.  You results will come from knowing who you really are and accessing your power within to recognize your value.  

From being fired to a six figure business is just the tip of the iceberg of the wisdom and knowledge she teaches through systematic approach to shift your trajectory.

Jenenne understand that you net worth is directly connected to your sense of self worth.

Drawing on 20+ years of professional, spiritual and clinical training, yes she has a Master’s in Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Therapist,  she has developed her unique blend of  strategies to be a guide and catalyst for transformation from the inside out.

As a transformational speaker & trainer for corporations and organizations she ignites in her audiences the power to recognize their powerful purpose, passion and persistent to reach goals by modifying their mindset to create results.

Her passion is to stir up and create possibility for individuals/entrepreneurs/ organizations looking for a path to create REAL solutions for success, fulfillment, purpose, and happiness.

Her current book “Let’s Get You Happy, First – 4 Steps To Get You To Your Happy. is an ode to women’s empowerment and commitment to radical self-care necessary to become the strong, vital women, CEO’s, leaders, and entrepreneurs, to create and live wholistically happy, whole, and financially successful.

Jenenne is committed to being a catalyst for transformation whether as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator or conference speaker/presenter by empowering & provoking  individuals, especially women who are entrepreneurs, professionals, mompreneurs and executives how to make the conscious mindset shift to change the trajectory of their lives and experiences.

She takes an authentic approach to women recognizing their value and deservingness to live a balance, successful, wealthy life.




“Jenenne Macklin is one of the most transparent and extraordinary teachers of our time. Her breakthrough approach to inventing happiness for our lives is unapologetic and direct. Teaching in a tone of grace and love, it’s obvious she holds the fingerprint of a legendary Maya Angelou and the passion of a modern day Oprah. If you desire a life of power, get real and create transparency with one of the most compelling people on our planet. — Allyson Byrd, coauthor of bestselling Unbreakable Spirit, Rising Above the Impossible”

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