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Thanks for stopping by.  I am honored you said  ”YES”, to your life!


I am Jenenne Macklin teaching powerful conscious mindset strategies to purpose driven, high-achieving, passionate, CEO’s, speakers, women entrepreneurs, experts, and business owners to shift the trajectory of their business and life for amazingly tangible results.

Is getting paid, getting results, getting happy and creating success without stress, doubt and working hard of interest to you.  Then…

Let me teach you the strategies I used after being fired to create a six figure income, fulfilling life, hot & happy marriage, and greater peace of mind.


At one point, I forgot my value.  I forgot that “I bring value.”  Does that sound familiar to you?

Something happens and whatever you try doesn’t seem to work.

Then, you get tired, or at least I did, but you keep working hard.

What if it wasn’t so much about what you’re “doing” and more about how you’re “being.””

I teach powerful conscious mindset strategies to get paid, get results, get happy and create success in your business and personal life.

When you know what to do you can impact lives, make money, and live a fulfilled life.


You can have it all

-a  successful business,

-a loving authentic relationship

-a breathtaking lifestyle.

-lasting peace of mind


Would a roadmap to transform your life from the inside out be of value?

What would it feel like to know your innate worth rather than just working hard to feel worthy?


Purpose driven speakers, high achieving entrepreneurs, CEO’s, women in transition from a job to a business are my passion…

what I know is that when you know who you are and what you are capable of creating, nothing, and I do mean NOTHING! can stop you.



My conversation with you is about moving into possibility.  Whether it’s through C.R.E.A.T.E. Your Success group coaching, Wealthy YOUR Way self paced online course or Transformational Intuitive  Coaching one-on-one, you can eliminate fear, rewrite your story, increase your profits, know you are enough, and elevate your vibration.  It’s just a matter of you committing to your goals, dreams, and success.


TAKE ACTION TODAY -  invest in yourself through working with me.  I promise great value and tangible results when you commit to your success. 



When you are fired your self-esteem hits the dirt and you literally beat yourself up.  Your family worries about you and your children get concerned.

(I’m just sayin…)

But here is the thing—sometimes you need a storm to set you free


If you allow me I will teach you the secrets I’ve lived to create success. 


FREE: Creating Your Wholistic Wealth

Go from Where You Are, to Where You Want to Be.

Get it Now


You can get paid, get results, get happy and create success to live your breathtaking life!


It can be done. And know it’s not a magic pill.


I should know. I was fired without notice.  My self-esteem was shaken. My relationships suffered and my money mindset was screwed.


But in less than a year, I was able to turn that tragedy into triumph with making six-figures!


I am going to teach you how I did it so you can do it too!



It’s my joy to serve you to new levels of greatness and greater depths of your calling.

✆ Call 310-978-7133 and invest in you and your results.



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